Zai 4 Weather Sets for Zooper v1.3

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Requirements: 2.2+
Zai 4 Weather Sets for Zooper v1.3 (1 image)
Ever get tired of the same old color for weather icons? For those that love to customize their device, having themed icons are a must. This app provides that for you in weather icon sets to be used with Zooper Widget Pro. With these sets, you can now match up your screens to the icon pack for a beautiful customized look.

You get 3 complete weather sets with 24 conditions in each set for your forecast needs. More sets will be added in regular updates!

This is not a stand alone app, you MUST have Zooper Widget Pro installed. If you don’t the sets won’t work.

*Install Zooper Widget Pro
*Download and install Zai3 Weather Sets for Zooper Pro
*IMPORTANT* Open the Zai3 app and click on install weather icons – these should dl directly to your iconset folder in zooper directory on your device
*On homescreen, add a zooper widget. ( long press on homescreen if you are using a launcher or appdrawer if you’re on stock ROM).
*Choose the widget of your choice. *****Please note, this app will show in your list of installed widget apps, but it will be empty as there are no widgets. The weather icons have already been installed. So do NOT select this app from the list, choose another widget, and select the weather icon from bitmap icon set in layout.****
*If the widget already has a weather set included, go to layout, scroll to bitmap icon set, select that, and a list will appear of installed weather sets. Pick the one you want. You can than scale it to the size you want or move it around.
*If the widget does not have a weather set included, go to layout, add item (up top + sign) then choose bitmap iconset.

If you have any issues please email me at the address provided before leaving a bad review. I will be sure to help you.

Sets included match the following icon packs:


BIG thanks to the developers who made these icon packs and their help with color codes.
Also thanks to my many supporters on g+ who tested and used the sets and for their continued support!

Very Special Thanks to Tim Austin aka Drumdestroyer Themes for all his help and patience


Added Crispy Dark

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Download Instructions:
Zai 4 Weather Sets for Zooper v1.3 (Mod APK)
Zai 4 Weather Sets for Zooper v1.3 (Mod APK)
Zai 4 Weather Sets for Zooper v1.3 (Mod APK)